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This is Me is designed to increase understanding of, and facilitate support for, individuals with FASD and others who are part of their support system or environment. It is simple enough to use with children, youth or adults interacting with others living with FASD, or to help those with FASD better understand themselves.

This is Me is made up of animated video scenarios grouped into three sections: My Strengths, My Challenges and Strategies for Me. These depict situations and behaviours common to people with FASD along with illustrations of ways to respond and interact that lead to successful relationships and environments.


These scenarios highlight four common strengths for individuals with FASD:

  • Artistic
  • Good with animals
  • Good with hands-on activities
  • Musical
  • Other Strengths


Each of these has one or more animated scenes that illustrate the specific challenges Me faces in his world.


Some strategies for understanding and working with Me address more than one challenge. You can access the strategies either through the Strategies menu button and following the links or by clicking on the icon “View the Strategy” when it appears in a challenge topic for the related video.

Navigating the Animated Video Scenarios

Each brief animation video presents a specific scenario involving the Me character to illustrate a specific behaviour characteristic. Across the bottom of the screen are links to the other sub-topics in each section. The familiar video playback buttons allow users to start, pause, rewind and skip forward as well as enlarge to full screen, if preferred.