Living and Social Skills – Vulnerable With Peers

Me has money to buy a hotdog. Shades and the rest of Me’s friends convince him to buy them all hotdogs. Me wants to please his friends, and in the end, loses out, as he has no money for himself. Me is easily influenced and taken advantage of.

While viewing a “Challenge”, consider the following questions:

  1. What is happening in this scene?
  2. What is expected of Me?
  3. Using your knowledge of FASD, which brain domains/functions are experiencing challenge?
  4. What is a common interpretation (explanation) of Me’s behaviour?
  5. What are Me’s strengths that can be built on?
  6. What accommodations or strategies could create a better fit for Me, or What did Me need from others?

Focus and Attention

Executive Functioning


Living and Social Skills

Thinking, Reasoning and Communication


Academic Skills